How To Get People To Share Your Content

Before we start looking at SEO techniques that will help your website rank high in the search results, we first need to take a look at this one specific question.

Why do people want to talk, link, and share my website?

Most people will tell you it is because it contains compelling content. This may be true but there are other tactics you can use in order to rank well with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Yes the search engines do look for a website with a sales pitch, back story and editorial links. So what else is there other than just good content?

If you are to take a look at most of the successful sites on the Internet you will see that they are not really a content site. They are companies like Games, Communities and Utilities. So creating compelling content may not be the goal here, it is trying to give your viewer something useful, interactive and entertaining. Creating a utility website is much more involved than creating one single blog post. The amount of resources it will take to create a blog into something that retains and attracts a business is usually more than the resources necessary compared to using a good online tool.

If you are good at bringing people together and being able to have them talk about a certain item then you are creating content within a forum and this might be easier than trying to create a blog. With free tools to help you create a forum it can be a much easier process to get started. And forums have become much more popular than blogs.

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